"Emanuel" Baptist Theological School educates students on all the three educational levels: primary, secondary and high school.

In the primary education (I-IV grades) there are two classes of 25 students each for every year of study.The planning frames and the curriculum used are those valid for classes I to IV in pre-university education, the students who complete grade IV being accepted in the fifth grade either at this schol or at any other Romanian school.

The secondary education (V-VIII grades) contains two classes of 28 students each for every year of study, the curriculum and all the teaching plans used are those specific to the public education in Romania. Eighth-grade students take the National Assessments as required by law and can apply to any theoretical high school or vocational school of Romania, in accordance with the methodology of the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation.

In the high school education (IX-XII grades) there are two specializations: vocational and theoretical. In each year of study there is a class of 28 students specialized in Baptist theology which represents the vocational profile and another class of 28 students of theoretical profile, specialized in mathematics and computer science.

On the one hand, the students that follow the Baptist theology specialization, study humanistic subjects, specific to any other schools - Romanian Language and Literature, World Literature, English, French, History, Geography - so that all the graduate students have the opportunity to enroll in any faculty from the country or abroad. On the other hand, according to our school specific profile, theological disciplines studied belong to the Baptist religion, enabling students to enroll in the faculties of Baptist theology.
The High School Diploma - BACCALAUREATE - that is given to the graduates of Baptist theology specialization allows them to enter any university in Romania or abroad.

Mathematics and computer science specialization belongs to the theoretical field and it is a specific profile to all other high schools of our country. At the end of the studies, students take an exam and receive a certificate of professional competence, proving their computer operating skills.
The High School Diploma - BACCALAUREAE - which is given to the graduates of Mathematics and Informatics Technology specialization allows them to enter any university in Romania or abroad.