Emanuel Baptist Theological High-school is a denominational school, patroned and founded by Emanuel Baptist Church. In the modern society where being a christian means being anachronistic and the moral principles are old fashioned for many young people, this school sustains and promotes the christian and moral principles.

Considering that the Word of God is not just a source of wisdom, but a spring of life, this school lays the Holy Bible as a spiritual foundation of the students' education. The motto of the school is inspired by the Epistle of Paul to the Ephesians chapter 4 verse 25: "Let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbour".

The school principal assures both the current and the prospective students that this motto will be aplied in all the school and extraschool activities, in the relationships between students and teachers. Both the teachers and the students of our school consider that Daniel Webster who, 150 years ago, stated that: "If we don’t tell the truth we shall tell a lie" was right. We believe that there is no gray zone as a midlle path between lie and truth – such an option would be a compromise and a moral degradation.

Being conscious of the outstanding value of Apostle Paul’s affirmation, we do hope that it will become the motto of those who want to apply for our school. With the support of Holy Spirit, may the Lord help you take those assertions as your guiding principles not only when you become a student, but during the school years and long after that, too. Therefore, as God gave His love to us when we were still sinners, we won’t ask from you to be perfect, but we want to see you desirous to become closer to God.

Negruţiu Florian
School Pastor