Prof. Claudia Bolcaş
Prof. Iosif Curta

God blessed us throughout the school year 2013-2014 with the opportunity to develop the 2nd "edition" of our school partnership with Wartburg College, the Netherlands. I would like to share my impressions and memories mainly about the visit of the Dutch students and their teachers here, in Oradea.

The Dutch students arrived in Oradea on the last Saturday in March, being led by Mr. Arie Visser, School viceprincipal and Biology teacher, Mrs. Veldhuizen-Boot Cornelieke, the Dutch teacher and Mr Gerben Aman, teacher of Arts. They had the welcome meeting with the host families; after that, together with the students from the 10th grade, they went to visit Băile Felix. On Sunday we attended the programe at Emmanuel Baptist Church. In the next week, the guests attended the English, History, Geography and Religion classes, all focusing on the theme of spiritual cleanliness and of ways to keep the environment clean. There were also two workshops held by Prof. Dan Botică and Prof. Sebastian Văduva on the subject of preserving a pure conscience in speech and when using technology; the way we communicate and use the Internet will show in fact to what's inside us, beyond appearances. After the school classes, the group of Romanian students involved in the project joined the Dutch in the tour of the historic center, up to Ciuperca Hill and the fortress of Oradea.

We spent the next 3 days in the Apuseni Mountains, at Turda salt mine and in Şuncuiuş, where beyond cultural borders, we found that young Christians have the same principles, whether you are from Romania or from the Netherlands. We've been to a cave called "Unguru Mare", we had fellowship together with all Romanian and Dutch, and we made new friends.

We tried to spend our time together by learning Christian songs in Romanian, English and Dutch. Thus, at the end of their visit, we were able to organize a special program at the chapel together with the Dutch students and the Handbell choir, Hosanna, which was a fantastic moment for them, because they had never heard this way of worship, by playing the handbells.

(By Maxi Morar, 10th grade student)