The beginning

"Emmanuel" Theological Baptist High School was created in 1990 by the former Second Baptist Church, at present called "Emanuel" Baptist Church from Oradea. This school represents the answer of God to the believers’ prayers made in the period of the communist dictatorship, times when preaching the Gospel in mass-media or in schools was just a dream which existed only in the stage of a prayer. Even though, at its beginning, "Emanuel" School consisted of high school grades, it developed during the past years, so that in 1998 the Secondary School was set up, following the Elementary School four years later, in 2002. At present, there are 650-670 pupils and students in I-XII grades.

God’s will to build a Baptist school in Oradea was carried out through the practical involvement of "Emmanuel" Baptist Church, but especially through the effort of several pastors and teachers, the founders of the school as follows:

Iosif Ţon – Pastor of the No.2 Baptist Church, at the time;

Bunta Florian – Mathematics teacher, the first Principal of the High School, member of the Baptist church committee, who started the difficult procedure of the school foundation, by drafting and sending the papers to the Ministry of Education for approval;

Goian Traian – History teacher, member of the Baptist church committee, who was the school founder as the previous one;

Negruţiu Florian – Pastor, Mathematics teacher, Pastor Principal of the High School, at present;

Georgescu-Păun Mircea – Physical Education teacher and Headmaster of the school until 2008.

Fărcaş Florica – French Teacher;

Toşa Aurel – Music Teacher;

Maior Gheorghe – Parson, Theology and Physics Teacher;

Bokor Barnabas – Music Teacher;

Iova Georgeta – Biology teacher, Physician;

Hegheşan Mariana – English teacher;

Popovici Georgeta – Chemistry teacher;

Galchiş Alexandru – Mathematics teacher;

Spiritual leadership, mission and objectives

"Emmanuel" Baptist Theological High School is a public school, which belongs to the National Educational System, whereas it is subjected to the spiritual patronage of "Emmanuel" Baptist Church Oradea. Pastor Vidu Petru, the church representative is in charge with the Christian activities of the school, who also had an important role in the completion of the school’s new building. The pastors Louis Thomas – the main sponsor of the project for the new building – and Jim Hardwick, who constantly encouraged the development of the school, not only financially but also spiritually had an important role in the evolution of our school.

In "Emanuel" High School, all the students are given education based on the Christian principles of the Holy Bible, the main purpose of the school teachers being to build and shape the strong characters in our students, in accordance with the Christian morality. The school’s motto is the words from The Epistle of Paul to the Ephesians 4:25 "Let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbour." We are ready to assist those parents who share this fundamental principle of Christian education and together we can achieve this spiritual aim and we will eventually succeed in raising good children of God in the future. The second educational purpose is, obviously, the academic one. Being aware of the fact that all the students of "Emanuel" Baptist High School will take the all the compulsory national exams, the teachers are fully prepared to provide them with the scientific and academic knowledge required by the national educational standards in the Romanian school system.

Constantin Buleandra
Teacher, School Headmaster