Our school’s mission is to shape characters in harmony with God's moral standards. "Emanuel" Baptist Theological School aims to provide all the students of this school with an evangelical Christian education specific to the Baptist believers from Romania as well as with a scientific training in accordance with the standards of school education in this country.

Considering God the only one that can fundamentally change a human being, through the new birth accomplished by the Holy Spirit as a result of faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the three institutions(family, church and school) join their efforts to ensure students the necessary conditions in order to take the best decisions in this life and for their future life.

These objectives aim to preserve competitiveness of our school in the context of pre-university education in Oradea and even in the country and to increase the school’s academic prestige. To achieve these objectives, the school operates at the same scientific standards as any other public educational institution, so that the grades obtained by the students at the "Bacalaureat" exam should allow "Emanuel" Baptist Theological School to occupy a prominent place in the hierarchy of schools located in Bihor county.

In the spiritual domain, the school aims that all students should develop a correct relationship with God through the acquisition of theological knowledge which facilitates such a spiritually mature relationship. Moreover, the school board, having forefront the objective stated above, wants to provide students with a teaching staff whose selection, in addition to a good professional preparation, takes into consideration a number of criteria that makes them true moral behavior characters, being real spiritual models for the students.